Challenge #03245-H336: 20/20 Hindsight

Ok, so I read this one, and read the comments, and I laughed so hard my coffee came out of my nose, by the way that hurts! PLEASE, my friend, write more about what happens to this harmless idiot once Wraithvine helps hir, and then kicks hir tail? Did ze learn from hir mistake? Did the kolbold and the bugbear get a chance to kick hir tail for hir stupidity? Did Wraithvine force the kid to go back and apologize, sincerely, and make hir work to earn hir place instead of trying to do shortcuts again? I'm dying to know! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Sorry about the coffee, Nonny. Let's see what I can do with the gormless wonder...]

When it comes to curses, there are certain guaranteed cures. True love's kiss is always preferred for such things. Unfortunately for Yngvar, ze had all the social appeal of a sponge found at the bottom of a cleared-out sink[1]. Even hir mother, apparently, hadn't loved hir. Ze was a child-of-the-basket, left on the doorstep of a particularly prestigious school of magic.

No friends. No family. A self-imposed curse... It was all giving Wraithvine a headache. Well. A worse one. "And since you have effectively vanished from your previous place of shelter," ze said, "you now no longer have the hospitality to which you were once accustomed. So. No home, either. There's a special kind of genius that arrives at stupidity from the other side. You have it, as they say, in spades."

"I can't exactly stay in a magic circle my entire life," Yngvar was making notes about it anyway. "But if I could make a sufficiently large circle..."

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