Thursday, Side-projects Day

Today, after I am done with my offerings, I shall try a few things I have remaining unfinished. Maps for another game I'm planning to run, more tooling around on Cheev Three of Stencyl's lessons, and recordings of at least one chapter for the rest of my PLNs.

And at least one paragraph into my summary of Beauties and the Beastly.

Somewhere in there, I should at least try to come up with a rough draft of a "Dear Employee" letter to my local member. There's a bullshit law in the offering saying that Autistes should go through extra testing in order to have a driver's license.

You can imagine how pissed off I am about that one.

I did my stretchies before putting on my knee bracers, but one of my wrists is complaining despite my best efforts.

I have my deep heat and wrist bracers on standby. Just in case.

Chapter Count: About to write the starting words of Chapter 354 of A Devil's Tale. Eleven chapters until I start posting starting sentences in my socials every day for a year.

Only when I finish Chapter 365, of course.

Place your bets as to whether I'll finish the WIP before I reach the 365th post in that vein.

One wrist down, the second is starting to go. Let's get on with getting on before everything needs support.