Thursday, Fare Thee Well Tesla

Come midday today, the Tesla is no longer ours.

  • Because we can't afford to keep it
  • Because it has been trying (and failing!) to kill us since we got it
  • Because the owner and CEO of the company is a transphobic sack of dogshit shambling around in a human suit
  • Because giving that aforementioned stain on the underwear of the human race any more money is not comfortable
  • And also life without it will be easier than life with it.

Because the only car remaining is my own Zippy Little Car, I shall be chauffeur for the fam henceforth. Huzzah.

I have to keep my eyes open on the time, so today's tale may be rushed. Or not present until much later in the afternoon.

I'm moving as lickety darn split as I can.