Thursday - Day Zero

One new case found and staying in Quarantine... BUT I stand by my "one arsehole" paranoia.

Today, I shall be recording images of ALL the paperwork related to Miss Chaos and sending them to the case manager. Our scanner is currently out of commission because the one compy it talks to is slowly dying. I'm not sure if we can get it to scan things any more.


Let's look at the headlines:

  • Queensland is building a new north-south highway
  • Muppet cuts interview short after being asked "the wrong" questions in "the wrong" tone
  • An east-west highway is for transporting steel slabs for great business
  • Political correspondent grilled for tweeting about whether ScoMo was "feeling smug"
  • HSC exam question meant to inspire creativity baffles students whose education has been centred solely around providing the correct answers [TBH that question would get an entire story using 90% of the words in the image]
  • One loyal pollster fudges the numbers so it looks like the Muppet is winning
  • Fermented corn noodles kept in a freezer kill nine members of the same family. I blame food hygiene rather than the whole "foreign food is bad m'kay" tone of the article

It's almost bus o'clock, so I pln on taking pictures of pieces of paper.