Thursday - Day Zero - Even Mor Shenanigans

Two more cases. Overseas. Quarantine. Yet more for the One Arsehole Theory. I feel like yelling at visitors from overseas. You're infected. Rack off.

Ugh. I'm not normally this uncharitable. This is what the plague has done to me. I swear I'm not xenophobic, I just don't want an outbreak happening in my area.

The Muppet is continuing shenanigans by blocking the counting of early and postal votes before election night and then insisting that they're all tallied afterwards. Which he's going to halt early for reasons. He's also sworn to contest the results in the supreme court he appointed if Biden wins.

This basically means he's going to throw a tanty if he cheats and Biden wins anyway.


In the Headlines (but without the Muppet):

  • USA calls Aussie election coverage "embarrassing"
  • Unseasonable heat wave, fire storms, dust warnings due for Queensland
  • Greens leader doesn't want Korea to buy our coal without carbon tarriffs

Wow, the news is slim without the US election.

Mayhem continues the nonsense red tape chase owing to gaining employment. I continue to be taxi for him.

Point of interest: Bernie Sanders predicted the chaos of this election season, beat for firkin beat, months beforehand. Scary.