Thursday - Day Zero

One more case from overseas and captured in quarantine. We have eight total active cases. Any one of those could up and decide to be the One Arsehole.

Today, I am taking my kitties to the vet's for their immunisations. It's very important to keep the creatures in my care safe, even though their likelihood of contracting anything is minimal at best. One Arsehole works even for critters, though critters have less in the way of agency in that case.

It's going to be an interesting afternoon, as part of the process will involve finding both cats and isolating them in their carry-cases before Chaos comes home by bus... because I will immediately be hauling off with the cats to the vet's.

They're not going to be happy kitties, so I'm thawing some chicken hearts for them as a treat this afternoon. They'll have earned it by then. Poor babies.

In the news:

  • Continuing tantrums regarding the vote may or may not be a plot to get the right wing voters to believe the left is constantly cheating
  • Muppet may be "mentally unable to lose". I don't know what this means vis-a-vis his actual losing
  • Sydney venue violates quarantine laws with multiple dance floors
  • Muppet and wife both refuse to reach out to their successors
  • Home invaders attack homeowner with a hammer
  • Secret service has a plan to remove Muppet from Whitehouse
  • Former Muppet advisor calls for Fauci to be beheaded, Fauci calls it "noise"
  • White Repugnican claims to be black gay on Twitter, gets solidly roasted because he didn't even change his profile pic. Like, dude. Did you even try?
  • Nurse arrested in suspicion regarding eight infant deaths
  • Willing throuple makes the news, good for them say I
  • US company keeps trying to own the name of Ugg boots

In personal news, I've started map-making for the imaginary Earldom my Tiefling comes from. About half an hour to an hour daily and most of it is tracing nonsense. Fiddly bits and whatnot.

Onwards to today's tale.