Thursday - Day Zero

Two new cases from overseas and detected in quarantine. Augh. Including the five active cases, that's me practicing paranoia for a further fortnight because of the One Arsehole Theory.

According to some email, I might be getting my replacement flour today, so part of my day will be watching my phone for the all-important AusPost text telling me that something is in my parcel locker.

IF that parcel arrives today, I shall also use the opportunity to grab some extra cream from that one place near the Coles there. If they have it.

A lot of "ifs" in today's PLN. At least you know you're getting a story out of it.

In the news:

  • Anthony Fauci reveals that using the word "lockdown" or "close down" would cause riots
  • Author of anonymous book warning America about the Muppet now reveals themself to be a senior official within the administration
  • Rudd the dud shocked and appalled that Epstein donated $65K to Rudd's charity. He also has "no recollection" of inviting the dude there
  • Westfield mall in NSW new hotspot for the plague, as it has been found in the waste water
  • Muppet speculates on vacating the US if he loses to Biden, adding to his long history of saying the quiet part out loud. If he does, it will be to skate past all the prosecution currently haunting his steps
  • Whitehouse insider claims Melania is "repulsed" by the Muppet and they have a very weird relationship - not weird in the good way
  • Muppet claims the US is "rounding a corner" towards improving against the plague, blood red map showing he's lying states otherwise
  • Bride falls off lifted chair at wedding reception, winds up in hospital with a broken foot
  • $20 Myer bag features Aussie animals copulating and the Echidnas are watching it all
  • Restaurant opens offering one dish for a limited time only. The dish is advertised in advance
  • La Nina causes supercell storms off the East Coast of Aus, primarily smashing Sydney and NSW
  • The flooding rains hitting Queensland are not hitting the dams. Buggrit

This entire mess is draining my personal energy. Last night's disordered sleep was plagued with stress because I thought I borked my iPad [Spoilers: I fixed it] which meant I had the twin "joys" of being too tired to think properly and not being able to sleep. Urgh.

Fixing it solved that particular problem, but it's anyone's guess as to what tonight's anxiety is going to be obsessing on.

I've also started creating a document about Whitekeep, all the points of interest, and interesting historical factoids. All as a gift for my DM who may or may not actually use the damn thing.

When I finish adding my #smorewords into KOSBOB, I'll work alternately on whatever self-indulgent romance nonsense that suits my brain gremlin, and the Whitekeep document. Whee.

That will be happening in half an hour. Faffing about for great relaxation is due.