Thursday - Day Three

Hope raises for a count higher than four. It's my birthday in three days and there's not a lot of celebration available.

Cake, unsuitable food, and maybe a present. I have purchased a good gift for my Beloved because posting times and advance orders. I ungently hinted about what would be cool for my birthday and expect to be surprised. That, or taken for a shopping trip because that's how Beloved operates.

Cheesecake shop's going to firkin love us.

Muppet's been up to his usual tricks of not following the rules and this time his opposition has been civil and entertained. Gold star for telling the orange menace to shut up. Muppet's goal is to make people angry so he can take the higher ground by default. From what I've seen, Biden refused to take the bait.

In the actual headlines:

  • Muppet has "worst presidential debate in history" and 90% of it is him, but hell if he's going to admit that
  • Case in point: the post-debate tweetstorm in which he attacked literally everyone around him except maybe Melania
  • Armenia and Azerbaijan are fighting over a country that doesn't exist, despite the fact that this place has been trying to be recognised as its own identity for who-knows-how-long
  • Covid-19 has turned up in the sewer system of a Victorian town, which may be a cause of concern. Either sleeper virus or Hoaxer Karen. Who knows?
  • Thanks to his childish behaviour in this debate, the Muppet may have a cutoff switch on his mic for the next one. Reap what you sow, you tantrum-tossing wannabe despot
  • Someone did the math and the Muppet interrupted Biden Seventy-three times
  • Further, Melania didn't hug her spouse while Biden apparently went for the loving glomp, thus making the Muppet look cold and unfeeling whilst Biden put out warm and friendly vibes

Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Oh orange nitwit. Sooner or later, that $1.1 BILLION dollar debt is going to come up and that will be it. "He wants the taxpayers to get him off the hook," and the bubbles mark where he sank.

Honestly, he should have been impeached, but his fanbeings will let him get away with anything.

Blurgh. Story soon enough.