Thursday, Day 1, Adventure!

All seventeen active cases are in hospital, and Miss Chaos is off to camp despite an illness that had her home during yesterday. Antihistamines helped, and so did some steam during the night.

Considering that I'm a "cotton wool" parental, it is a measure of my internal strength that I am not a ball of nerves as a direct result. Time will tell.

In the news:

  • Plague panic in Sydney
  • Cricket star kidnapped
  • New feature on vacuum cleaner is a light attached to the business end
  • Fire in Melbourne very sus
  • Muppet attempts to intervene in party politics
  • He also has issued a threat against the social medias who banned him
  • These thirty kitchen items could ruin your life
  • US Expat confused by ::checks notes:: Aussie hot water
  • Huge piece of space junk headed right for us

So now I write about stuff, including another telescam that I failed to fall for.