Thursday, Day 0, Scam Day

One new case, an import. Fifteen total cases and thirteen in hospital.

Today, I have to remember another scam, and I don't think I ever got onto the whole Microsoft Refund thing that's still going around. I think I almost fell for a refund scam, but again I refused to play along because it involved logging into a website.

In the news:

  • Man dies of heart attack after waiting more than an entire day to see a doctor. This happened in Queensland
  • Crypto "crashes" overnight. It's still worth a lot
  • Cop saves an infant from drowning
  • Famous rock formation has fallen into the ocean
  • Biden ramps up the pressure towards Hamas and Gaza
  • Diversity win - the next bachelorette is Bi
  • Thousands of vaccines burned because public reluctance. Thanks, antivaxxers
  • Muppet lashes out at criminal investigations against him
  • Soon you'll be paid in cryptocoin! Yay...
  • Havana Syndrome hit the White House last year, apparently

Onwards towards the nonsense.