Challenge #03051-H128: The Little and Fierce

Actual quote from an actual three-year-old: "Children fight the bad guys! I sharp him with my little teeth!" -- Anon Guest

[AN: I did briefly play with the idea of this being a Pib line, thank you for wondering]

The universe is a big place. There's plenty of areas that haven't heard about the inherent dangers of Deathworlders in general and Humans in particular. Therefore, it's understandable that the same mistake can happen in several different places during several different time periods. It's things like this, including deep time colonies, that only serve to magnify the legends going around about them.

Well. The legends amongst the survivors, anyway. Those who escape to tell their tale make sure that the terror transmits just as effectively as the warning. Deathworlders are dangerous. Humans are even more dangerous than that. Some still insist on learning this for themselves.

Conqueror Harak had the perfect plan. "It's only a small colony of hairless mammals," they said, demonstrating a near fatal lack of talent for accurate threat assessment. "Once we hold their supremely vulnerable young hostage, the rest of them will fall into line and give us whatever we want." This has gone on record as possibly the universe's worst known idiotic plan and to this day, anything of the ilk is referred to as Pulling a Harak.

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