Thursday, Day 0, Organised?

Plague news: Three new cases, all local. There's fifteen total active cases, twelve of those are in hospital. Australia's at 89.7% first vax, 81.5% fully vaxxed. Queensland's at 80% first vax, 68% fully vaxxed.

Miss Chaos will be very glad because she doesn't need her mask everywhere. I am glad because Aabria Iyengar, one of the more famous DM's of online D&D RealPlays, is herding the McElboys through an adventure. It'll be interesting to see how a pro does it.

On my schedule today is plotting a couple more caves and some tunnels on Talespire, arranging my financials, and maybe writing some more in my fun new fictions.

Tomorrow... Jolie the Gorgeous is due for some vaccinations of her own. Today, I am swapping out her pillow on my desk for the bottom half of the cat carrier so she gets used to the idea that it's also a good place to settle. On the day of the jab, I'll simply add the upper half and have her isolated until Vet Time.

We'll see how well that PLN works on the day.

Yes, I spoil them. So what?

In the news:

  • Dude who shot some people during riots cries in court
  • They still haven't found Cleo's sleeping bag. I suspect the kidnapper threw it away
  • Massive storms for three states: NSW, Qld, and SA
  • Some of which are already flooded
  • China says it has an "enhanced climate action" with the US
  • K-mart's $5 dolls now include a guide dog handler
  • Neighbours hate barking dogs and leave anonymous note
  • Canadian island's act of kindness during the 9/11 debacle is now a stage show coming to Australia
  • NT Man vs floodwaters. Floodwaters win, but he was rescued
  • Papua New Guinea populace perishes thanks to vaccine/plague misinformation and lack of vaccines
  • Elon Musk not actually a market genius as one tweet makes even his brother sell shares
  • You should clean your hairbrush on the regular
  • Paramedic in NSW tries to skip out on vaccine mandate for religious reasons, gets rejected. Turns out no vaccines are made out of aborted foetuses

And now I post my story and get on with my other bullshit.