Thursday, Day 0, Keep rolling rolling rolling...

I made a phone call! I got the data! I've got things shifting about! WHEEEE!

There's four more cases, sixty-seven total, sixty-two of those are in hospital... and one in the ICU. Four people are relatively free.

Thanks to an unexpected hike in Bitcoin at a local level, I now have a LOT more than I need. I'm plotting to help some people out wherever and whenever I can. But I'm still siphoning off value from my Peakd account because the fuckup factor is alive and well and overdue to bite me on the bum.

Items on the Chaos Independence Scavenger Hunt:

  1. A tax file number
  2. Give her her own bank account
  3. Round up ID
  4. Help her make a MyGov account

I'm going to be giving Basic Adulting Lessons as part of the process. This, my dear child, is how you finegle red tape. How to keep your PINs known only unto you. How to keep your TFN secure. All that nonsense.

That's going to be some fun times. Speaking of fun times, let's look at the news:

  • Cargo vessel draws a dick on GPS1 and then jams itself in the Suez Canal
  • Liberal party staffers at Parliament apparently held massive gay orgies
  • Michael Moore tasteless on Twitter about the latest gun-related massacre on US soil
  • MP denies he raped a sex worker
  • Plans to change the name of Aussie icon Golden Gaytime spark outrage
  • Bodies are being found after some floods
  • UK facing another plague wave
  • Muppet's lawyers claim "no reasonable person" would believe the defamation claims a woman is making

In more personal news, my right wrist decided to act up. Huzzah. Everything I do will be at 1/4 speed today T_T

  1. This is hearsay from Tumblr