Challenge #02996-H073: Fixing the Wrong Problem, Fixed

N-now do you understand? This is... the true form of your Legion’s power. All it can do is... is cause pain... nothing more. ...we have that in common. In this form... e-even if you do survive... In the end... can you... can you... call yourself “human”? -- Anon Guest

[AN: My right wrist decided to have the fail this morning. Joy. I really needed more noise in the way of my goals]

It began with a fallacy. The world would be so much better if everyone thought like me. The one thinking this had access to superior technology. Neural chips. Network connections. Punishment/reward systems to be sure that those who were connected had their thought processes guided towards the right way to operate. Of course it had a fatal flaw.

It was luxury tech. Really expensive luxury tech. Once those who could afford it realised their thoughts were being shaped, they tried to trade their wealth for First Thought privileges. The one who had First Thought simply steered them away from wanting that. The one real way to think was the best way. Then - disaster. Someone hacked the mainframe.

That was what they later called the Legion Event. The hacker gave everyone connected to BrainLink technology First Thought access. Suddenly everyone was having the first thought, and there was no ideal idea to follow. It was chaos. The fateful lesson - Humans were not meant to be a Hive Mind. Especially wealthy Humans, who are so egocentric that their inner model of the universe has everything revolving around them. Three thousand egotists in a closed system made of velvet rope, all trying to shout over each other and believing that their way of thinking was the One True Way.

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