Friday, Day 0, Shenanigans Commence

There's three new cases, sixty-five active, sixty-two in hospital and one in ICU. Two apparently free to chill in a hotel somewhere. At least according to my math. I have all sorts of assorted shenanigan going on and one big difference between now and every other Friday before.

Today is Payday!

::curlytoot noise::

That's right, folks. I'm giving myself money I've already earned at a rate sufficient to fly under Mr Taxman's radar. Don't worry, I also already earned it at a rate sufficient to fly under Mr Taxman's radar but that's not the point.

Mr Taxman is always waiting with salivating fangs.

So until I have a specified amount in my coinjar, I'm getting my money in small doses. I will get the new bathroom paid for. Barbarian-style yelling is purely optional.

In the news:

  • Dick drawing on GPS confirmed
  • The woman with the defamation case was actually claiming that no reasonable person should have been listening to the whackjob things she said publicly as part of the Muppet's campaign
  • Liberal MP caught trolling women on Facebook and is now allegedly suicidal over facing the dreaded consequences. Boohoo
  • Worker paid with a barrow-load of loose change
  • ScoMo in hot water over the way he's handled the entire Parliament debacle
  • The EverGiven is still stuck in the Suez Canal
  • Government handing out $100 hotel vouchers to try and stimulate the economy
  • Punch-up on a plane where zen would have worked just as well
  • Someone's launching a "controversial" scifi series. I bet it's not nearly gay enough to reach the levels of my writing. Muahaha
  • Public housing residents file a class action suit based on how they were treated during lockdown

As always, house unfuckening, daily tale, and 1K Friday with a mind to keeping my newly-refreshed wrist relatively happy. I spent yesterday in a brace and in pain. Today is looking a tiny bit dodgy. I'm taking my ease.