Thursday, Day 0, Further Shenanigans

Day Two without local transmission, but there's six imports, so technically Day Zero. Seventy-three total cases, sixty-seven in hospital and one in the ICU. That's six with the potential to sneak out and raise hob.

Today, Miss Chaos is getting her bank account herself and Beloved and I will be teaching her how to do net banking, how to be wary of interweb scams and so on. I already told her to stay the heck away from wish dot com. Not only is it a wikiwalk labyrinth, it's also an internet dive of temptation.

I may have a cool regency type jacket on my wishlist...


Speaking of scams, today's screed on Peakd will be all about Pyramid Schemes. Stay tuned. I have had LOTS of experience with the pyramid. But that's later.

Happening in the world now:

  • Tiger Woods was speeding before he crashed
  • UK now preventing under-30's from getting the AstraZeneca jab, but it's continuing in Aus. Yay :\
  • Poll reveals the UK citizens would rather Prince William inherit the throne. Sucks to be Charles
  • Polar blast could wreak hob in NSW, Victoria, and Tasmania, but Queensland still gets tropical cyclones. Yay :\
  • Kid gets diagnosed with rare genetic disorder in daycare
  • Octogenarian dies after getting the Pfizer jab
  • Two dickheads filmed themselves singing songs while their victim was bleeding in the boot and the court got to see it. Charming
  • Family murdering dad had plotted it for months. Bet he still gets a light sentence
  • AusPost Watch Debacle resurfaces from the mire
  • ScoMo continues to blame Europe for his idiocy
  • Vaccines are apparently being wasted
  • Property prices in Aus continue to soar despite dropping population
  • One of the nude photoshoot ladies caught in Dubai is a lawyer
  • TikTok surprised by the existence of a crumb tray in toasters

Let's get on with fiction.