Challenge #03009-H086: You Think You're Tough

Be a hell of a blade for a space warrior to carry. I can see them now, them drawing it from their belt when another deathworlder, an enemy, tries to push their luck thinking the "squishy human" is weak and helpless. They clean their nails with the tip and go "You really want to do this?" -- DaniAndShali

Humans only seem to have no natural defenses. Many learn this lesson the hard way. Such as the Gendraaugi, Yauch, who had come to the Edge of the Galactic Alliance just to cause trouble. In such places, there are dives made exclusively for Deathworlders.

The walls, ceilings, and floors are specially re-enforced. The tables are bolted to the floor. The drinking vessels are all made of metal and periodically panel-beaten back into shape. The serving staff are behind the best possible barrier and carry heavy stunners at all times. That's how you can tell. Some of the classier versions have large windows made out of homing microbots that reassemble themselves because the owners know that this is a form of Deathworlder enrichment.

This one was not one of the classier establishments. If you were lucky, they hosed it out once a week and maybe re-dented the flagons annually. They did have Time Per Sivu[1] pricing, which meant that nobody with a very dented flagon was short-changed. Yauch didn't need the influence of inebriants to ramp up their courage. They just needed to find the toughest Deathworlder there and fight them.

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