Thursday, Bread Prep and PLNs

I will likely be up until past 10PM today. Most of that is because juggling dough and proofing my chia sourdough.

I'll be seeing how well the new scales go tomorrow.

I know from testing that one of them displays a weight up to two grams above the other. But at least they're consistent. I can manage once I figure out where the finessing lies.

It's honestly better than having a different weight every time I put the same thing on the scales. I already went off about this on my rantosphere.


I shall get on with my offerings, and record a chapter of Adapting for Adorable.

Tonight, my Beloved should arrive for extended snuggle time and tech support. I may even be working on the full transfer to Linux instead of Windoze.

Time will tell.

But for now... I go to tell a story.