Challenge #04168-K150: Clever Move

In the Alliance Paintball League, a team of former Vorax managed to finally defeat a human team. The after-party was quite a huge feast. With the humans joking going "We'll get it next year!" It was a lot of fun! -- Anon Guest

It was a good hunt. Not always high energy, but definitely high tension as both sides had stealth and cunning aplenty. In an arena like this, Deathworlder versus Deathworlder, it was anyone's guess who'd get the final shot.

Hark stretched all their senses to the snapping point. Trying to find any sign that their sole surviving opponent was anywhere nearby. Trying to detect a trap in their way whilst also avoiding notice.

Maybe it was luck. Maybe it was Hark's greater instincts. Maybe it was reflexes. Hark spotted their opponent, stalking along a lower area of the arena. They lined up and fired.

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