This is why I need to be mobile

I'm taking my car in for a service, today. They usually occupy most of my frelling time. All day. Spinning my wheels. Followed by a mad rush in the evening to get my work, dinner, and kids done for the day.

Not today! For I have a fully-operational laptop and all my important documents in my Google Docs folder. Yay. I just have to make sure they're "fresh" before I set off.

Which means crossing the house, opening the lappy, refreshing every page with an open document in it and, if necessary, re-logging because these things are meant to give me ulcers.

Meanwhile, significant progress has been made towards having PRODUCTS in EGDB. Yes, the earring cards are getting printed. It takes a minute or so for the printer to scribe two potential cards, and a minute or more to set up another card.

3D Printer: $500
Metallic Gel Pen: $5
Printed thing to hold the pen: probably 5 cents
Hair elastic "spring": $1 for 10

Having an awesome firkin earring card that nobody in the printing business would want to do: Priceless.

I have a video, but it needs some editing and some music. You don't want to hear my family rattling around in the background as I try to urge them to stay firkin quiet.

Eh. I might re-film it when nobody's home. Much later. I have this thing today and another thing tomorrow and Wednesday looks to be the day where I have the most free time. So far.