Challenge #01241-C146: Useful Pretty

(comic has gravity falls spoilers after "not what he seems") -- Gallifreya

On one hand, it was a little bit tiresome. On the other, it was damned convenient. All he had to do was make sure his glasses were in his pocket before they bundled him up for delivery and...

They tossed him onto his knees.

"So," said a soft voice. "This is the creature that Cipher wishes to eliminate? Huh."

Yep. Right on cue. The high commander or whatever they called themselves stepped up and removed the obligatory cowl.

Ford did his best not to squint in the new light. Or show any reaction to the physical nature of his -er- host. Someone, somewhere, had a thing for slimy-looking Liana beasts. Including other Liana beasts. Their eyes were like an insects and it chittered uncertainly.

Ford knew that look. No matter how the face was put together, he knew that look. "Majesty," he said, "I'm sure we can come to an understanding."

He would never, ever, tell his brother Stanley that some of his alien captors turned romantic dalliances were male.

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