Challenge #01240-C145: New Tricks

I accidentally summoned a demon and have won the last 4 rounds of poker against it. -- Gallifreya

Sandy sighed and said, "You're not supposed to show me the cards and ask, 'how do I win?', Belphagor."

"You keep changing the rules," grumbled the demon.

"No, I keep telling you the same rules and you keep getting confused. Let's try again," Sandy reclaimed the cards and shuffled. "I thought the demons of hell were all about sinful stuff."

The demon brightened. "Oh yes! We dishonour our parents and covet our neighbours chattels all the time!"

"What, no cigarettes and whisky and wild, wild women?" Four cards each. Two down on the table, face up. "Remember, you're trying to make the best hand out of what you've got and what you can see. You get one chance to swap out the bad cards."

Belphagor put all of his cards towards Sandy. "Four, please."

Sandy sighed and turned over his cards. "You had half a straight flush with this lot, what the heck?"

"They don't match."

And given his trouble with Snap, there were obvious reasons why she shouldn't have tried teaching him poker. "Ugh. We both suck at this..."

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