Wish me luck

The rains of last night have buggered off and it's looking like it's going to be a lovely, sunny day. And today, Beloved is home, so I finally have a chance to edit KFZ and start trawling for agents.

New York is the place to look, apparently. Those are the agents with the global scope and reach.

Beloved's focus will be on making a thing to hold a pen so we can print out those earring cards at firkin last. But I will be enlisting their help for KFZ if it kills me.

It's been a year. I usually churn out stuff on a much faster rate. Either KFZ is that bad or I'm that bad. Eh. I should get Beloved to make sure Adapting is ready for Betas, too. I need to make certain I haven't derped in that novel as well.

With any luck, my beta readers will get back to me quicker about Adapting. Maybe KFZ was a fluke.

I have to repeat my mantra because editing always gets me down. "I am a good writer." Say it until I believe it. And even then, there's absolute tripe out there that people flock to...

Just gotta keep going.

Go on in all my beliefs, as the good Doctor once said. It's just... hard. Sometimes.