The Waiting Game

We have a concrete floor to the Kitty Kondo(tm) and, because the cement truck got bogged, we have a war zone in our backyard. The concrete needs today and tomorrow to cure, then things can get started again with the Spakfilla and the roof beams and the paint and the sundry whatnot.

Protip from an ameteur: Always budget more time than you think you need for your concrete. Trust me on this. We paid for half and hour and most of that was frittered away in trying (and failing!) to get the truck de-bogged.

Fun times.

Still, thanks to some minor miracles and a lot of water, we got the floor in, flattened, and as flat as we want it. We also had some spare concrete, which is now setting in assorted tubs and bowls for all of our weighty needs at an unspecified later date.

As in: need a specific weight? Well we have this lump of concrete that will do...

I have made a start on episode 8 of Inter-Mission, but it's looking like recording will have to happen next week. My little darlings have gone almost completely nocturnal and my usual stunt of recording at 3AM is ruined by Chaos watching whatever on the TV and Mayhem yelling at his friends online.


I shall just have to record ten stories and work up two episodes so I can stay ahead of the game. Whatever.

Also... I pitched Adapting to a random agent I found on Twitter. Six weeks until I know if I'm in or out. It's not as dodgy as you might think - this is how all the cool writers are doing things these days. You have to look up #MSWL which stands for ManuScript Wish List - and find a match. Then you pitch with all your heart and pray you don't strike out.

I'm going to do five such and then surrender. If I can't sell Adapting via twitter, I should get a modicum of readers via Smashwords. I hope.

For now, though, I get to write all day. Game nite tomorrow with any luck.