Challenge #02373-F183: The Human Paradox

An alien publishes his work on "The human paradox", the fact that the universe is a more safer place since the most deadliest species are everywhere. -- Hyorky

Humans are a paradox, Grax wrote in hir treatise. They are simultaneously the bravest and the most cowardly, the most generous and the most miserly, the most sensible and the most insane. As Deathworlders, they should also be the most hazardous species in the Galactic Alliance, but, as we all know, Alliance space has never been safer since they have been welcomed among us.

Admittedly, there is what the Humans call 'collateral damage', but most such incidents harm the Human involved rather than any friendlies in the vicinity[1]. That is, of course, when they aren't directly harming a confirmed enemy. These pack-bonding mammals are known to cause great devastation in their wakes, yet are also capable of great creativity.

For all their lack of genetic diversity[2], humans manage to embody a vast array of psychological differences. Their personalities have varies instead of their genetic profiles. This, in turn, has lead to the conclusion that Humans are insane. As individuals, they can exhibit some aberrant behaviours if viewed through an egocentric lens. As a group... the species-wide insanity seems increasingly more evident. The fact remains that most of this seeming insanity makes sense to the Humans.

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