The Good Old Summertime?

It's edging towards official Summer, here in sunny Queensland. Of course, something, somewhere is on fire. Which is perfectly normal for my neck of the woods in this time of the year.

Not usually at 3AM though.

Aunty has had somewhere on fire near her - fire's out now though. I have a high sensitivity to knowing that somewhere's ignited and it just firkin adds to my sleepless issues in the Wee Small. Y'know. Alongside my somnalistic self-immolation.

Beloved has had some changes at work. Namely, the gambling company they work for has been bought out by a different gambling company [who was co-incidentally one of the ones that died during the Great Melbourne Cup DDOS] and now Beloved's shares are worth quite a bit.

Enough to:

  • Get ducted air con installed throughout the house
  • Add a driveway, proper wiring and proper drainage to the shed
  • Pay for the powerwall & installation
  • Pay me back the $4K they owed me :D
  • Add insulation to the house, and
  • Pay off some of the house

Pretty sweet, IMHO.

We get a lot of the gas projects out of the way, a chance at a lower power bill, and especially no more getting bogged on the way to the shed. Huzzah.

...and I've just spent three hours farting around instead of writing. I should get some degree of a wriggle on.