Challenge #02150-E321: Deal With the Deity

"I know that you are a higher being, like a god or something. But, for the love of everything that's sacred, can you please stop playing with the basic laws of physics for five minutes ?" -- Anon Guest

"Aw, but it's fun," said the Roaming Deity. A gesture made the Kobold Rogue now known as Lady Anthe float up to the ceiling again.

She bobbed around with a very put-upon expression on her tiny, draconic features. She had only shrieked once, when this wandering minor god had first pulled this stunt. That was enough for them, unfortunately.

"Listen," said Wraithvine. "We already know we're merely mortal beings who are literally at your mercy... but you also need us. Deities need worshippers. Worship gives you power, and it gives you life. We... can be your agents."

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