5hrs Sleep or Less!

Lesson 1: D&D Sessions can be LONG.

Lesson 2: Most of it is arguing.

Lesson 3: If you can give the crew a good belly laugh on your first try, you're good.

I fucked my stealth check on the first try, introduced that particular mechanic about my Kobold. Kind of stumbled into a puzzle quest and accidentally ended up being the bravest member of the party by being the last out of the room when it was a room full of dragon.

Just one. You don't need many dragons to fill a room.

I had a lot of fun, but my throat is raw from all the shrieking. Gerroff's an excitable little critter.

Today... I have other potentially exhausting things. And potentially fun things. I might float the concept of a partial family excursion because I probably shouldn't be driving on less than 5 hours sleep.

Especially not on 2+ hour trips to Boronia Heights and back -_-

I promised MeMum some tech support for her birthday. I'm gonna deliver.

Also, I have waiting for me in Chermside MY NEW LAPTOP. A thing greatly anticipated and eagerly awaited. So OFC I'm going there and getting it.

I didn't get the notice until after closing hours, so IDK what's up with that. Whatever. I'm getting my lappy! It's only taken 2 years of daily creation, some months of bitcoin trading, and almost ANOTHER year of waiting, but I'm firkin getting it! AT LAST!

Today's instant story will be happening soon. Today's TAZ story may not happen for a while. Because diverse excursions. Because fuckup factor. Because my day is packed.

Thanks in advance for your understanding.