Challenge #02151-E322: Easily Entertained

Human: ha, dogs are so easily amused. I just watched this one Chase his tail for 15 minutes straight

Alien: You spent 15 minutes watching a dog chase its tail

Human: yeah, that's what I just said

Alien: and the dog is the one whose easily amused

Human: ...yes?

Alien: (sarcastically) okay, sure that makes sense -- OohLookShiny

The list of dangerous things in the known universe had once, paradoxically, contained entries on both "quiet humans" and "laughing humans". It has since been amended to simply "humans" with a link to all the various circumstances in which Humans can be dangerous.

A quiet Human, for example, can be harmless if they are also asleep. A laughing Human, on the other hand, could be up to anything. This one was leaning against a railing as they laughed, apparently fascinated by something below, whilst also moving one hand around randomly.

Drysoq, who had hired this Human as Security Beef[1], investigated. The vessel's litter of Skittens were tumbling around in a well, below, chasing after a single point of light. One controlled by the giggling Human Daz. "Need I be concerned about this?"

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