Merry Birthmasween to MeMum

It's MeMum's birthday! Yay!

Can't deliver the tech support until the upcoming weekend, but it promises to be a definite delivery because I won't be up until like 2AM because D&D.

I got the brat run, soon, and all the other things that happen on a Monday. Plus the chance that Mayhem's school won't want him there for reasons. I dunno.

I'm hoping he can have a chance to catch up on everything and then get it signed off. Otherwise, I shall have to collect him. Fun times.

Beloved is doing nothing about the Yule so far. I'm plotting the lazy route and getting choccies for everyone unless otherwise specified. Less to fret about.

Planning the yule feast might be interesting. I dunno. I need face space with Beloved to work that noise out. And this morning, they were off before dawn. Possibly to unfuck something belonging to the New Overlords, I'm sure.

Round and round I go...