Yoiks and Awaaay

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So much to do

I'm still doing the read-through of Beauties, and aim to get to the halfway point before the end of the day. Each chapter takes fifteen minutes away from other things.

Other things like writing my Instant, or working on the first five hundred words of the new book, Rael. And I haven't even written the nut notes.

They'll evolve as time goes by.

I've always needed nut notes to keep things straight. As I introduce people, I'll take notes.

And everything is saved on the Cloud, so I don't need to worry too hard about my compy blowing up. You know, apart from the four-figure price tag on a new one.

I also have to chase down more hair ties for Miss Chaos, wrap a birthday present for one of her friends at school, and prepare a dinner. I have salmon. I could do a riceless kedgeree1.

I must prepare some snail mail to go all the heck way to New York. Make sure I have everything present and correct, collated, collected, and then sent out with an SASE.

That's going to take some time to get picture perfect. It might have to wait until I'm done with the editing part of my time.

Update: I now have one less agent to consult. Yep. Rejected again.

And so quickly, too.

More to talk about with the shrink, tomorrow. But first, I must get to sending off KFZ to the last of the e-submissions before I send Adapting off around on the same circuit.


And I have to send KFZ off on the snail-mail circuit as well, before I can complain to AR&E that their $400 list was worth zip.

It's all so tiring. So much effort for so little in the way of reward.

But I have to do it. I can't not do it.

  1. I've been pronouncing it "ked-i-gree" for all my life (thanks, Mum), but this is how it's actually spelled. Therefore, it has to be "ked-ger-ee". The things I learn because spell checkers.

Yoiks and Away, I guess.

Before I wanted to write a draft of the very polite letter I sent to the most recent A2B, I thought I'd check in on their website to see what their responses were likely to be like in the first place.

if we are interested in discussing possible representation, we will contact you by email or phone—typically within 6 weeks.

The time limit has run out. They haven't contacted me. So...

I pick another A2B and try again. At least the

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Living in the procrasti-nation

The scary thing about my levels of procrastination is that Beloved is worse. I've procrastinated doing my daily duties by writing the starting paragraphs of a book that I'm not due to start until 2018. I love the concept and it's so shiny. I had the perfect starter sentence and I could not resist setting a scene.

Of course, since the Mou editor is slower than frozen molasses, I started editing in my old friend, TextWrangler.

Everything old is new again.


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