Yoiks and Awaaay

A 4-post collection

OK, OK, OK...

I've got this. I know I've got this. I can handle this bullshit. I've got this...

Looks like I'm having my birthday at home this week because our lovely DM needs an extended breather by no longer managing one of the games. It's likely to be the one I'm in because I have an extended history of Killing RP's. Alongside blaming myself for things beyond my control.

I've flung Adapting towards another potential agent and, if it's complete and total radio silence until New Years'...

[Shown here: Daffy Duck as Robin Hood repeatedly swinging into a tree]

Two down... four in the gaseous stage.

I can do this.

I successfully did 500 words in KOSBOB yesterday despite extended cleaning sesh, disorganised shopping nonsense [I needed car coolant and breath meds] and though I woke up at 1AM today... I was PRODUCTIVE!

I started work on episode 14 of Inter-Mission. I've GOT this. I think I'm cemented into the four-story format now. Unless there's anything exaggerated with the episode length, I should be able to stick with that.

All episodes, unless timing issues come to the fore, will run Story-Ad-Story-Music-Story-Ad-Story. Not counting the Intro and Outro music.

I really should start working on Ellipsis Addiction's next album, but I haven't even sold one copy of the first one. Pleh.

Maybe I should just post it all for free and let it go.

I dunno. It just... constantly feels like I don't got this.

Time to feed the cats, make a coffee, take my pills and get on with getting on.

It's Patreon day. I've got that at least.

So much to do

I'm still doing the read-through of Beauties, and aim to get to the halfway point before the end of the day. Each chapter takes fifteen minutes away from other things.

Other things like writing my Instant, or working on the first five hundred words of the new book, Rael. And I haven't even written the nut notes.

They'll evolve as time goes by.

I've always needed nut notes to keep things straight. As I introduce people, I'll take notes.

And everything is

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Yoiks and Away, I guess.

Before I wanted to write a draft of the very polite letter I sent to the most recent A2B, I thought I'd check in on their website to see what their responses were likely to be like in the first place.

if we are interested in discussing possible representation, we will contact you by email or phone—typically within 6 weeks.

The time limit has run out. They haven't contacted me. So...

I pick another A2B and try again. At least the

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Living in the procrasti-nation

The scary thing about my levels of procrastination is that Beloved is worse. I've procrastinated doing my daily duties by writing the starting paragraphs of a book that I'm not due to start until 2018. I love the concept and it's so shiny. I had the perfect starter sentence and I could not resist setting a scene.

Of course, since the Mou editor is slower than frozen molasses, I started editing in my old friend, TextWrangler.

Everything old is new again.


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