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Monday, PLNs and Reading

I have a limit of five chapters to read for Adorable. I am now also tasked with reading previous chapters for a "just in case" future in which we not only release the finished book(s) but also release a "director's cut" audio book.

It's a definite idea since everyone does audiobooks these days and I may not be able to afford a professional reader.

I'm still not worrying too hard about production values all the same. If something needs to be looped, it can wait for the heavy editing stage when it comes.

Which is likely not to be any time soon.

Meanwhile, only Patrons of a certain status get to 'see' these things. Hooray.

Part of my goals today includes drawing another duck for the week. And at some point I really should unearth or otherwise locate any of the styli that go with my technology. So I can actually draw better ducks elsewhere.

Software and time depending.

I think, after I am done with the chapters for Adorable, I shall take a meal/snack and then do one of the "just in case" recordings. But I won't share them on Patreon unless someone asks.

It's not as if they're on an unpaid tier, after all.

Yesterday's tummy trouble has faded, but the nigh-perpetual tiredness has not. I shall see if a snackabob fixes things.

After I get the story of the day out.