Unsuitable Food

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Challenge #03914-J262: Lots of Fries With That

Several Thranityr invite a near-army of human chefs and their assistants to their homeworlds. They have only one request, teach us how to make foods that will fill a belly fast and help us feel full for a longer period of time. The entire species are surprised at how excited the humans are for the experience. -- Anon Guest

Thranityr were possibly the most infamous Deathworlders known to the Galactic Alliance. Until Humanity introduced them to Unsuitable Food, they were most well-known by the subspecies scourge of intelligent life - the Vorax. Until the Humans intervened, the Thranityr knew only one rule - eat or be eaten.

Humans had perfected the food that the Thranityr needed the best. Food with an abundance of calories, ideal for their furnace-like metabolisms. Now, those Humans were invited with a challenge.

Teach the food they need, and show them how to do it.

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Challenge #03575-I286: Pax Libum

Several Humans decide to take on the CHALLENGE! They are invited to a Vorax ship, promised that if it did not work out, they would be let go, and not eaten, THIS TIME. The challenge? Feed a ship of hungry Vorax with foods so calorie dense that even a VORAX doesn't feel hungry anymore. This is Vlogging Gold! And no more hungry Vorax? Bonus! -- Anon Guest

"Welcome once more to What Stonkers You, where two mad chefs take on the challenge

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Challenge #01730-D269: Comeback

Deep fried Mars Bar. The dreaded chip buttie (fries on a buttered bun), Floater (Aussie effort: Meat pie floating in pea soup). -- KnitNan

"I've been everywhere," said Shayde, mis-estimating the size of the station by cubic klicks[1]. "Nobody around even knows what fries are an' I'm gaggin' fer a chip buttie."

Nik, overhearing this complaint to the universe at large, gestured her to come closer to his cooking station. "Tell me about these things you call 'fries' and the... chip

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Challenge #01635-D174: The Most Unsuitable Food of All

Further to the "cotton candy" prompt, more empty calories of the "moment on the lips" variety. -- Anon Guest

Humans had a knack for making foods that could kill them, Rael reflected. Often within twenty consecutive servings. Not that anyone ever tried to end their lives that way, but the potential was there.

Take cheesecake, for example. And Rael often did. In one neat package, humanity had managed to encapsulate a nigh-lethal combination of fats and sugars. That should have been plenty

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Challenge #01603-D142: Eat Snax

"Fat grubs in butter sauce." this was from a Lizard culture's idea of Snack Food. Humans have popcorn, crisps, peanuts etc. So how about one of those Snack Food van equivalents that caters to various species, and make a good living thereby. -- Knitnan

Eat Snax the sign blared in potentially noxious colours. Underneath, a more staid sign discreetly told the observant that this was a suggestion and not an order. Inside the ludicrously small booth, a popcorn popper was doing its

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Challenge #01312-C217: Unsuitable Revival

"What's a Fairy Floss machine? Is it some kind of weapon of mass destruction?

"You probably call it Cotton Candy."

"Nope! Never heard of it."

"Look I'll show you how it works."

10 minutes and 300plus small children later.

"You know, it just might be a weapon of mass destruction." -- Anon Guest

There are phrases of doom. "Hey watch this," coming from a human, is a sure sign that something impressively dangerous is about to happen. Shayde has hundreds of them,

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