Challenge #03575-I286: Pax Libum

Several Humans decide to take on the CHALLENGE! They are invited to a Vorax ship, promised that if it did not work out, they would be let go, and not eaten, THIS TIME. The challenge? Feed a ship of hungry Vorax with foods so calorie dense that even a VORAX doesn't feel hungry anymore. This is Vlogging Gold! And no more hungry Vorax? Bonus! -- Anon Guest

"Welcome once more to What Stonkers You, where two mad chefs take on the challenge of feeding the entire universe until they ask for a doggie bag."

"This one is the extreme edition folks! We're coming to you from the heart of the Vorax Raider Vessel H'ach'nach, which I believe translates to Stab and eat."

"But we're not worried. We've got cheeses on our side." The first chef, Dane, opened a large container that was overloaded with wheels upon wheels of cheese. "If you want calorie dense, you can't go much past cheese."

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