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Challenge #03969-J317: Negotiations

My people sent me to meet the humans for the first time. They look much like us, though they don't have our wings. I'm nervous, I've heard many things. But it's been said those that gain their favor are well protected. Powers protect me, here we go. -- Anon Guest

[AN: humanoids with wings are bad alien design, so this is automatically within a fantasy realm. Perhaps some faeries who have "gone native" in Mundis Mortalidae - aka the mortal realm ]

The chief difference between Faeries and Pixies is a certain amount of homicidal intent. Second to that is only the fierce territoriality and a fondness for teeth. Pixies kill larger creatures on purpose. Faeries kill larger creatures because they thought something would be funny. This makes little difference to those who die at their tiny and adorable hands.

They don't grant wishes. Or, not many of them. They might, if you make the right trade, say the right words, and tread very carefully, grant one. If that wish is, "I wish I get out of here alive."

Therefore it's tremendously rare that they send an envoy.

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Challenge #03878-J226: Battlefield Truce

"Grit your teeth and bear it."

The wounded individual screamed out in pain as heated alcohol, not hot enough to burn the flesh but very uncomfortable, poured over the wound.

"I won't let you die. I know you feel like you want to die right now, and I know we're enemies, but you're hurt, and you saved those innocent civilians. We soldiers fight, but sometimes, compassion is more important than this damn war." -- Anon Guest

There is no glory in war.

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Challenge #02632-G075: An Interesting Truce

A rumor is heard of a palace where monsters were holding hundreds of kobolds as slaves. A large castle filled with treasure, all the kobolds that were seen going in and out wearing a silver, blue, and gold woven neckbands. Almost all the doors to the various servant areas were sized for the kobolds as well. Along the road outside the castle, the graves of failed raiders where, instead of gravestones, their skulls still sat upon the spikes where the heads once

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