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I'm okay!

...for limited definitions of 'okay'. The Keto Clogs have passed, all thanks to a fine product called Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease. It's a magnesium-based sugar-free sports drink and, because of its overall taste and hue, I call it "The Pink Drink".

It is pink, it tastes of pink, and my brain is too uncomplicated to remember Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease for very long.

What I can remember is that it is very, very good at moving things along. Extremely good.

Translation: I had about 1600ml of this stuff and now I have the trots.

But it's okay. I have 2200ml of Keto Sports and 1200ml of filtered water, so I'm definitely going to stay hydrated. And I have a baggie of cubed cheese, so that should balance out most of that magnesium.

And starting tomorrow, I will only take one magnesium chelate pill a day and leave the pink drink the heck alone.

That should help. And Beloved and I should be making that "bread" later on. I bet it tastes marvellous with cream cheese.

I also have a bunch of piggy skin that I'm going to turn into Crackling Chips as a test to see if it's possible. Which should sate my need for salty/crunchy when I have that craving.

But for now, I can sit comfortably, even if I am scared to break wind. So that means you get a story. Yay!

Ow My Butt

I've got another episode of the Keto Clogs, which is an indicator of magnesium deficiency plus too much cheese. The ensuite has become a torture chamber for me, alas. And sitting down is literally a pain.

The good news is that the blockage is moving. The bad news is that it's moving glacially slow, and it firkin hurts.

For fellow sufferers of the Keto Clogs, magnesium definitely helps.

In other, more sanitised news, Miss Chaos is having a sports day, so today's

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