I'm okay!

...for limited definitions of 'okay'. The Keto Clogs have passed, all thanks to a fine product called Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease. It's a magnesium-based sugar-free sports drink and, because of its overall taste and hue, I call it "The Pink Drink".

It is pink, it tastes of pink, and my brain is too uncomplicated to remember Endura Max: Cramp and Muscle Ease for very long.

What I can remember is that it is very, very good at moving things along. Extremely good.

Translation: I had about 1600ml of this stuff and now I have the trots.

But it's okay. I have 2200ml of Keto Sports and 1200ml of filtered water, so I'm definitely going to stay hydrated. And I have a baggie of cubed cheese, so that should balance out most of that magnesium.

And starting tomorrow, I will only take one magnesium chelate pill a day and leave the pink drink the heck alone.

That should help. And Beloved and I should be making that "bread" later on. I bet it tastes marvellous with cream cheese.

I also have a bunch of piggy skin that I'm going to turn into Crackling Chips as a test to see if it's possible. Which should sate my need for salty/crunchy when I have that craving.

But for now, I can sit comfortably, even if I am scared to break wind. So that means you get a story. Yay!