Challenge #01690-D229: Problems of Scale

"Lets poke it and see what it does?" famous last words or an eureka moment. -- Anon Guest

There is nothing so large and so terrifying that a human won't try to poke it. - Galactic Proverb.

Of all the terrors of the universe, black holes have to be the one that holds a universal horror. Nobody with any sense wants to be anywhere near a black hole. So, of course, humanity figured out how to get a station in a LaGrange orbit point around one in order to study it.

They called it Tyr Na Nog Station, because of its temporal warping phenomena, and only humans were crazed enough to go there, live there, and work there. A freight driver who went for a day to unload their cargoes returned to real time a year or more later. A loophole that has allowed many a freighter to collect a Year of back-pay because they were working the entire time.

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