I'm just easily distractible today. I just spent half an hour educating Tumblr on why Australia even has Road Trivia. Instead of, you know, doing my job.

Writing actually requires the person doing it to drift off into lala land. The problem is, this can happen without any writing happening at all.

And today, my goal in life is to get a "What the fuck, Australia?" type tag or reblog. Because those give me life.

Aussies love laughing at unsuspecting non-Australians. It's why we keep trying to feed them Vegemite. What-the-fuck-Australia type posts must be the internet equivalent. Or, at least they are for me.

Beloved and I will be making "Bread" once they're done sleeping in. And I hope to experiment with making Crackling Chips, too.

But first, I have to do my story. And maybe bring back Self-Shill Sundays. Because I can't sell a thing if nobody knows it's there.