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Challenge #02312-F122: Raise Your Voice

Humans are one of the only species where Things like a Flashmob or something similar ever could happen.

Alien gets the feels OwO -- Anon Guest

It was late. Even the Humans in this particular well of stairs and doors were quiet. It happened spontaneously. Someone sang a note. Others joined in. Once harmony was accomplished, the Humans fell silent for a moment.

One thousand Humans, all agreeing on the same song. Those non-Humans present could already guess what it was.

"Is this the real life/ Is this just fantasy... Caught in a landslide/ No escape from reality... Open your eyes/ Look up to the skies and seeeeee..."

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Challenge #02261-F071: They Love to Sing-a

"When an eel bites your thigh,

then you bleed out and die,

thats a Moray"

Humans will parody anything they like and especially catchy songs.

Even National Anthems. No matter the origin. -- Anon Guest

The local Humans were having an Untalent Show at the Choose Your Poison Drink[1], wherein all participants imbibed a lot of alcohol, got up onto the in-house stage, and demonstrated something they were horrible at. Either that, or it was Two Drink Minimum Karaoke Night. It

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