Challenge #02261-F071: They Love to Sing-a

"When an eel bites your thigh,

then you bleed out and die,

thats a Moray"

Humans will parody anything they like and especially catchy songs.

Even National Anthems. No matter the origin. -- Anon Guest

The local Humans were having an Untalent Show at the Choose Your Poison Drink[1], wherein all participants imbibed a lot of alcohol, got up onto the in-house stage, and demonstrated something they were horrible at. Either that, or it was Two Drink Minimum Karaoke Night. It was hard to tell.

Inside, Humans were rendering[2] assorted relentlessly popular tunes. A group of five were attempting to finish Yellow Submarine, except at various points, it became a purple washing machine, trying to score some exadrine, a fantabulous marine, or they were getting nice and clean. Someone else, possibly in an effort to drown out those five, was belting out My Balogna. Several people were failing at dancing.

A quorum of applause seemed to be enough to get those combattants to step down. A different group stood, wobbling slightly, on the stage, waiting for a percentage of the ruckus to die down. There were four of them. They might be about to commit Barbershop[3]. Lyr readied her comms and made sure her stunner was loose in its holster, just in case.

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