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Struggling a Little

Let's make this clear. I am not struggling economically. I finally have enough in the bank that I don't fret about how long it will last. Add to that the fact that Centrelink has granted me $750 to help deal with the crisis economically. Where I'm struggling is mentally.

I can't fight a virus. I can't run away from it. With 'fight' and 'flight' blocked, the brain has reverted to "feign death" - aka wanting to sleep entirely through the crisis. It's a bit of work to get over that hump every single day.

I heard from Beloved last night that they're encouraging home-schooling for five weeks to those who can, meanwhile ScoMo is pleading for teachers to "join the heroes" and risk their lives for all the people without adequate childcare who are also necessary in the workforce.

If they're that heroic, maybe they should get greater rewards for the risks they're taking, eh, Scotty From Marketing? HHMMMMM?

Meanwhile, they're talking about easing the restrictions early because the needs of the economy apparently outweigh the needs of the people who run it 9_9

You want another flare-up of plague, cases, Scotty? Because that's how you get another flare-up of cases... Scotty.

The Muppet attempted to big-note himself with a propaganda video showing how "decisive" he's been being in concert with how select portions of the media were downplaying the severity of the plague. This decisiveness had the dates left on, showing how his decisions happened literal months after his country was infected. Derp.

I have no idea what I'm doing for Wordpress Wednesday, this week. I can barely get it together for today's story.

Maybe I'll write about the mental doldrums.