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Contingency PLN

So. Patreon pulled a genuine Dick Move, charging all the Patrons for their patronage. Some folks can't afford that and it will kill the staple of Patreon income, the One Dollar Donation.

And this will obliterate half of my Patronage. And, currently, drop my income from that down to $9 a month.

Not exactly inspiring, is it? All this work for such little reward.

In other news, this is the last week of writing Rael. A story that covers quite a few years in Rael's life, and the passage from gene-slave to relatively stable citizen of Galactic Society.

I am leaving off a further agent hunt with Adapting until after I'm done with Yule. It's a crowded month and starting a new year with determination is better than procrastinating my way out of having any at all.

BUT... as part of my contingency plan, I have commenced having Ko-fi on the side. As you can see, it's not only in my overhead, but also in my side-menu. You're going to see that linkage in my Instants from now on. And likely in my books. When they get published.

If they get published professionally...

I dunno. It gets disheartening. You see the same five authors everywhere and half of them are dead. And there's no room anywhere for anyone new. Or anything different. Maybe it's just Australia, but it seems like there's no publishing industry. Just a reprinting industry. Unless you're writing photonovels about Lady Di or some sports star.

Not. Going. There.

I gotta remember to keep trying. Or I definitely will fail.