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Challenge #02812-G255: You Were Warned

[translated and changed a little bit from polish movie]

A: You want to attack humans?

B: Yes, their planet has some materials that I need

A: This one will be tough. On a daily basis humans are annoying, but they love when they are under attack! I'm telling you! In the first 5 days they're all going to start a resistance movement and turn into guerrillas! -- Anon Guest

[AN: NGL I want to see a dub of that Polish movie. I lack the fortitude for subtitles, please forgive]

Of course they came without warning. They always do. Even if there's one scruffy scientist type trying to warn them and being ignored. Empirical evidence has shown that a group of scientists, a plethora of the public, and a series of catastrophic events will be ignored if there's a fast buck in maintaining ignorance.

Of course they laid devastation in their wake. Mass panic, the stock market collapsing and, of course, the deaths of many of the common public. What grabbed the headlines was the stock market. Well. For as long as there were headlines. For the invading Klutarch, it was just another Wednesday[1].

The head of this particular Klutarch expedition was named Rollyx. They made certain everyone knew this, and put out notifications about it wherever they could. That's the only reason anyone on Earth knew their name. They, too, had been warned about Human nature. The tendency to ignore a prescient warning in favour of short-term profit is seemingly universal.

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Challenge #01962-E138: John Carter Was Here

Edgar Rice Burroughs' fictional Mars. Too much going on at once, and full of predators. Add David Attenborough. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Seen the movie, never read the book(s). Vaguely familiar with the content on an osmosis level. Fans - forgive me if I mess this up]

"Early explorers of the Barsoomian plains made the mistake of assuming that the land was both hostile, and full of predators. Though the Martian tundra is hostile to human life, we can easily see

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Challenge #01527-D066: Virtual Friend

'Sixty-two years old, and you find a kindred spirit in a block of programming,' they thought wryly, shaking their head. -- RecklessPrudence

It hadn't started that way, of course. Her grandchildren had got her into the video games. Things had gone a long way since the Space Invaders. There was no more coin in the slot or press A to start, to begin with. She could play by typing on the keyboard, and the machine code understood her and responded.


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armalis: sci-fi episodes i want: ship's computer crashes due to virus acquired during a porn download from a lower decks ensign firmware...


sci-fi episodes i want:

  • ship’s computer crashes due to virus acquired during a porn download from a lower decks ensign
  • firmware update was pushed out to the fleet, has vital error in the clock program that causes every computer to repeat 2300. translators have to explain to the enemy why everyone is an hour late to peace talks.
  • unintelligble message is sent out into the void because someone’s pet cat walked across their keyboard. message is interpreted as a
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