Challenge #01962-E138: John Carter Was Here

Edgar Rice Burroughs' fictional Mars. Too much going on at once, and full of predators. Add David Attenborough. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Seen the movie, never read the book(s). Vaguely familiar with the content on an osmosis level. Fans - forgive me if I mess this up]

"Early explorers of the Barsoomian plains made the mistake of assuming that the land was both hostile, and full of predators. Though the Martian tundra is hostile to human life, we can easily see the ecology surrounding us." Apparently grey rocks moved in the distance. "This... is a a herd of wild Thoat, once domesticated by the Barsoomai people. As you can see, their coats give them excellent camouflage in the plains."

At the edge of the herd, a thick head raised as it chewed the red foliage that was abundant on the plains.

"The lead mare has sensed a threat," said the nature commentator. The camera swung around to reveal... "A small pride of Banth have selected their prey. While Banth are excellent pursuit predators, they prefer ambush as a tactic, since it helps preserve the protective layer of blubber underneath their furless hides."

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