Chunk Relief

Doing a saline dose on Max genuinely helps clear the blockages. So does staying hydrated in any form.

I've been adding atrovent into my nebuliser so far, but the next dose I do will be all saline. See how it goes.

What does seem alarming is the size of the initial chunks. On the brighter side, I'm getting rid of the blockages. And the colour is heartening.

I still believe I can shake this infection.

Today or tomorrow, I will definitely do the Patreon thing. Yesterday necessitated a shopping trip that sapped my energy. And I derped and plumb forgot. Sorry.

Beloved is spending long nights at work again. And they got themself so chilled that my usually chilly arse had to warm them up. Which lead to the interesting factlet that Beloved has never seen Moonwalker. Which I have actually summarised as "Two hours of What The Fuck Did I Just Watch."

Apparently the game based on it is exactly the same thing. I wanna play it now.

No money to get it. No time to enjoy it. Sigh.

I have to give myself more time off.