I Swear I Feel Better

I'm still shifting chunks. They're not improving with time, alas. I moved two green ones this morning and am seriously considering antibiotics.


If I can shift all the chunks by Friday, I won't need them. So I will be regularly doing saline doses on Max to help remove the gunk, and staying hydrated however I can stand it. When I get sick of Shamdy, I shall imbibe ginger/cinnamon/lemon tea. And vice versa.

I'm slow-roasting tonight's protein so that I'll have the energy and time to cook up another magnificent batch of Cauli Cakes because Chaos has finally run out.

Even with streamlining, it takes a long-arse time to cook a whole batch of Cauli Cakes.

And I'm cleaning today, so that's just more fun for me to recover from. Bleh.