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Challenge #03393-I105: Hazards of Transdimensional Travel

In the perpetual meantime of a shelter eternity, most are content to live and not to dream. But in the hidden corner where the gods gazes do not fall, there are those who dream of dreaming. Some say a few are chosen and the rest are dregs, but I say we humans have our humanity. We will defy this world from a power from beyond. -- Anon Guest

There are some realities in which time is not a relative dimension. Things do happen sequentially, but there is little cause to affect. In such realities, there is no hunger, no need to eat. That which is broken can bounce back. That which is made returns to its component parts. Dreams... are not dreamt.

In this reality, the deities of multiple realities gather. They are the only things that change. Shaped and moulded by the external forces of their believers. That said, their shapes are continually plastic. One could not, at a glance, tell Jupiter from Janus. Or Loki from Lathander.

In this space, Humans have arrived. You just can't stop them.

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Challenge #03200-H291: Between a Rock and...

The human had, somewhat grudgingly to start with, accepted a job from a havenworlder who read too much from the infonets and didn't always understand the gist of what was put there. The job sounded dangerous, so they prepared for the worst. The planetary survey, a small ship just big enough for the human and a very, very small crew, was likely the most boring one they'd ever been hired as guard duty for. It was like being paid to go on

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Challenge #02381-F191: Viva La Revolution

The peppy one with beautiful blond hair is always in black and the one with dyed-black spiky hair is always in soft pastels. -- Anon Guest

She wore braids. Neat, tidy braids she wound into a knot of a bun in the back of her head. The only thing that changed about that 'do was the length and volume of the hair, and that was progress that was annually cut back. The rest of her choices were pretty much anything she liked

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