Challenge #02381-F191: Viva La Revolution

The peppy one with beautiful blond hair is always in black and the one with dyed-black spiky hair is always in soft pastels. -- Anon Guest

She wore braids. Neat, tidy braids she wound into a knot of a bun in the back of her head. The only thing that changed about that 'do was the length and volume of the hair, and that was progress that was annually cut back. The rest of her choices were pretty much anything she liked as long as it was black and fit within the narrow confines of the school dress code.

He was the one who actually spent the most on his look. It took Tony two days to work out what actual rebelling looked like and made it a point to wear everything listed on the "do not wear" list that was exclusively for the girls. Bright, glittery, neon pastels in every colour of nature and more than a few that weren't. Every variation of booty shorts, fishnets, off-the-shoulder tops, backless or crop he could lay his hands on. The sideless ones, the peek-a-boo holes. All of it. Since the regulations were more strict about hair dye, he chose black. It was, after all, a natural colour, but there was nothing natural about this black at all. Especially not with the amount of hair product he used to spike it within an inch of its life.

Interestingly, the school bullies had little to do with them. Any insult directed at Rebeccah slid right off with a, "Thank you," or a, "That's nice." On rare occasions, the intended tormentor might receive a, "I'm sorry you feel that way," but otherwise they made no impact on her at all. She continued to wear black, continued to keep her hair braided and neatly tucked out of the way, and continued to have a 4.0 GPA because she allegedly didn't have a life. As for Tony... well... even aggressive heteronormativity has its limits. The burliest, toughest, most aggressive young men of the school took one look at Tony, figured out that he had to be doing it on purpose as bait or something, and kept a ten meter radius around him clear of any kind of assault-related shenanigans.

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