I Run Around... From Town to Town...

So. Yesterday, I had to get a whole bunch of stuff so we can bend the metal mesh and thereby make the walkways. Metal-bending tools exist but the CO$T is more than we can bear. Besides, you can make your own for like $300.

I only forgot one thing - C-clamps :P

So today:

  • Clean the house
  • Write the instant
  • Get the C-clamps
  • Also acquire cream and sour cream
  • The Brat Run

So yeah. I'm a busy li'l bumblebee today. I have to work on episodes 8 and 9 of Inter-Mission so they'll be ready and I don't have to panic about having the buffer zone.

Nonsense like this is exactly why I insist on the buffer zone.

I'm working on the story straight after I do this thing. Stay tuned.